Can I Get a House With Bad Credit?

bad-credit1Unless there is a rare circumstance, a person with a credit score under 620 can count on not being approved for a mortgage loan. Is it still possible to buy a house with a bad credit score? Of course it is. But your options are limited, and you may have a difficult road ahead of you. Here are some options to get a mortgage with a poor FICO score:

1. Prepare to pay more

People with poor credit can still get a mortgage, but they will pay much more than even those with credit scores would.

Sellers should be advised to do their homework on the mortgage brokers they are working with, as many lenders who are willing to approve people with awful credit tend to be on the shady side who prey on the desperate and the naive.

2. Refinance ASAP

A bad credit mortgage may seem like the borrower is signing away their life on a bad deal, but so long as the borrower maintains their credit after the mortgage is signed, they can be eligible to refinance for a much better deal within two years, and their credit will have improved. Mortgage-Refinancing

In short, a bad credit mortgage is a short-term solution that gets them in a home. It’s important to bear in mind that bad credit needn’t follow the borrower longer than necessary.

3. Ask about options

Adjustable rate mortgages are also a possibility, depending on the circumstance, during which time the borrower can work on repairing and maintaining their credit while paying at a lower interest rate than are offered on fixed-rate mortgages.

4. Get a co-signer cosign-loan

Many have some other assets, or have family members who are responsible. These people may be willing to co-sign. You should do your homework in this category as well, as there are many rules regarding co-signers and you should be armed with those.

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2 thoughts on “Can I Get a House With Bad Credit?”

  1. Great article!! Can you GET a house with bad credit? I dont know, can you? You can probably get approved for a government loan. But that’s going to come with terrible terms and conditions. Just because you can get a loan for ANYTHING doesn’t mean you should buy it, whether its a house, or a car, etc..

  2. Very true. Banks sometimes will approve someone for a loan amount that they in actuality cannot afford. For example, the bank might approve you for a large loan. But lets say that loan amount comes to $300 a month and you only make $1,200. How are you going to pay for that loan, your rent, utility bills, groceries, etc. and still have money leftover for an emergency or even to go out to eat?


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